come on over

hey, everybody. it's been a while, i know. i return with exciting news, though. my wife and i have started a new film podcast called The Magic Lantern.

our show is devoted to sharing our enduring cinematic memories. join us for an ongoing, informal discussion of the classic and contemporary films we love and what we love about them. if you've been looking for a podcast to explore old and new favorites with fellow film lovers, we think you'll enjoy it. we hope to see you there.


trailer tuesday

so i finally missed a week altogether. that's not good. as a redemptive act, i offer you the trailer for jacob hatley's ain't in it for my health: a film about levon helm (2010). it's finally getting a wider theatrical release and if you've ever wondered what a true american treasure looks like, here's your answer.


trailer tuesday

this week's entry has creepy potential. i give you james wan's the conjuring (2013).


he's got the look

not one sun-dappled, waving wheat-covered horizon was left pensively un-peered into. no ecstatically tortured embrace was spared in bringing you this major motion picture event.

terry, come on, buddy.


trailer tuesday

there may be no movie i want to see this year more than this week's entry, molly bernstein and alan edelstein's deceptive practice: the mysteries and mentors of ricky jay (2012).


trailer tuesday

this week's super late entry is for janus films' new restoration of fred c. newmeyer and sam taylor's safety last!(1923), starring harold lloyd.

this pristine new print is currently touring the u.s. and you can read more about the restoration and see the screening schedule here. if you are lucky enough to live in one of those cities you should really take advantage of this opportunity to see a bit of film history the way it was meant to be seen.


trailer tuesday

and just like that i am caught back up! this week's entry is for declan lowney's alan partridge: alpha papa (2013).


trailer tuesday

this week's super-late entry is for john sayles' matewan (1987).