trailer tueday

this week's entry is for john sturges' the old man and the sea (1958). circling the world with its greatness!


trailer tuesday

let's face it. you're lucky you're getting a trailer at all this week. let's celebrate that fact with this beautiful clip. it's like werner herzog can see right into my heart. this week's entry is for werner herzog's happy people: a year in the taiga (2011). it's made the festival rounds for a while but it is finally seeing a wider release this month and i cannot wait.


trailer tuesday

look at that. i'm on time with one. this week's entry is for what, i think, is one of the most underrated late period noirs ever made, elia kazan's panic in the streets (1950).


trailer tuesday

yeah, yeah, yeah, late again. at least i am making it worth the wait. today i offer a glimpse of what i imagine is going to be one of the richest film experiences of my new year, sarah polley's stories we tell (2012).