trailer tuesday

the last of this year's halloween trailers is for giorgio ferroni's mill of the stone women (1960).


trailer tuesday

this week's entry is for john d. hancock's let's scare jessica to death (1971).


trailer tuesday

this week's entry is for peter jackson's dead alive (1992).


trailer tuesday

this week's entry keeps the lycanthropic ball rolling with stuart walker's werewolf of london (1935).


the queue de grace family hour

if you are a regular reader of vitagraph you may have noticed a decided lack of activity around here for a while. another post will be coming along some time soon to sort of explain that. today, though, we are going to have some action. meet the laszlos!

you may remember them from previous vitagraph appearances by henry, thomas and mae. these are some of my favorite people in the world and i'm sure they would be among yours, as well. they have been kind enough to step into the breach here and take on a queue de grĂ¢ce assignment, family style. i have chosen seven films for them - a family classic or two and some anarchic comedy, bookended by a pair of halloween treats - to watch during the upcoming week and they are going to be checking in daily on their excellent blog, backyard university, to report back on whether or not they give my choices twelve thumbs up or down. you should really tune in there regularly and follow their exploits. they are hilarious and inspiring and i love them very much. it should be a grand time for all.


trailer tuesday

the best time of the year is upon us once again. to kick off october this week's entry celebrates one of my favorite underrated horror directors, john brahm. ladies and gentlemen, i give you the undying monster (1942)!