the strange love of mae laszlo

if you're a regular to vitagraph, american, you know i love those crazy laszlo kids. thomas was the first amongst you daring enough to take on the queue de grĂ¢ce challenge, which you can find in the archives of his blog, awesome nine bajillion. henry was cool enough to answer a bunch of questions i had about his experience at the summer film camp run by the portland art museum's nw film center and you can read that here. today, though, is mae day. mae is the youngest, and by far the looniest, of the laszlo clan. after stumbling across her in a fedora yesterday, i figured a noir tribute to my favorite tiny nutjob was in order.

mae plays it nonchalant in double indemnity (1944). macmurray is onto her, stanwyck is oblivious.

mae peeps the big sleep (1946).

mae can't catch a ride in out of the past (1947).

mae borrows the sugar in i wake up screaming (1941).

a tiny mae causes a panic in the streets (1950).

mae takes in a fight in the set-up (1949).

mae fuels dana andrews' obsession in laura (1944).

mae stows away in the rumble seat in they live by night (1949).

mae takes a slug in gun crazy (1950)!

mae gets run down in criss cross (1949).

charlton heston can't believe his eyes, mae can't believe charlton heston is mexican in touch of evil (1958).

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