jumping the gun a little, i know

ok, here's the deal. over the next few weeks i anticipate things might be a little on the slow side around here. i am in the process of moving, getting ready for a tour and other assorted things and time to write is in short supply. i've still been seeing plenty of things i want to tell you guys about - 13 assassins (2010), which was impressive, cave of forgotten dreams (2010), which was stunning, an essential 3D experience, and i look forward to everything that is going on at the paramount all summer. it's a little earlier than usual, but i'm having such a good time with the poster-making aspect of it i thought i would also remind you that the fourth installment of queue de grĂ¢ce is coming in about three weeks. that light you see on the horizon?

the standard rundown, for the uninitiated: for one solid week i turn over complete control of my streaming netflix queue to one of you fine folks. during that week (excluding visits to actual theaters) i will only watch content curated by them and report back daily, detailing my viewing experience and letting you know what to do with my remains should i not survive.

our next programmer is jon merrill. here he is at a family reunion a while back, looking on as his grandmother took pictures of her stories on the t.v.

jon takes the reins for an action packed week running from 6.13.11 through 6.19.11 and i am guessing it will be a cornucopia of mamet, swayze and gymkata. stop by if you can and see what he has in store for me.

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