starlite cinema's kung fu is strong

we just wrapped up the first spring 2011 installment of the starlite cinema series and it was top notch!

our first kung fu night was wall to wall action with the one-two punch of master of the flying guillotine (1977) and the hong kong edition of iron monkey (1993). the smiths' cuisine reigned supreme once again as well with edamame and the best miso soup i have had in a while.

plus, lauren made sushi!

to say it was a great evening would be an understatement. our next installment falls on friday, 4.15.11, tax day. to celebrate, we are offering a program with some of the finest tax evading ever put on screen. we begin the evening with jūzō itami's a taxing woman (1987).

itami is an interesting case. he didn't start making films until he was fifty and the success of his debut bumped him into a higher tax bracket, inspiring the tale we will see on the fifteenth. it follows the cat and mouse battle between a doggedly determined auditor and her counterpart, a hotel owner who is a virtuoso when it comes to keeping revenue streams off the books. as they develop a respect, even an affection, for one another, it becomes more and more complicated for each one to do what they deem necessary. oddly funny and sharply observed, it cleaned up at the japanese academy awards that year.

next up, michael curtiz's the adventures of robin hood (1938).

this one is always fun. if you would like more detail about just why i like it so much, go here. this one is always best when viewed with an audience, so come out and see it with us. the facebook event page is here if you'd like to go there and rsvp or invite other folks. we have a lot of great things planned for 2011 and this is just the beginning. the may installment is the first anniversary of starlite, so we are coming with something epic and i have all sorts of other great selections in store for you guys for summertime and beyond. thanks to everyone who comes out to these. it's always good to see you.

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