starlite on the go

our band, some say leland, will once again take to the highway this summer. in the last two weeks in july we will be headed to new hampshire and back again, playing sixteen shows along the way. last year this required the suspension of our starlite cinema series for a month. this year, i am taking it on the road!

in addition to playing shows, i will be screening films chosen to go with each particular location, given the time and the space to hang a screen. here is the rundown:

7.15.11 - dallas, texas; tender mercies (1983)
7.16.11 - memphis, tennessee: mystery train (1989)
7.17.11 - likely knoxville, tennessee: cat on a hot tin roof (1958), tennessee williams, see what i did there?
7.18.11 - thomas, west virginia: the night of the hunter (1955)
7.19.11 - mills point, west virginia: matewan (1987)
7.20.11 - long island, new york: jaws (1975)
7.21.11 - likely new york city: manhattan (1979)
7.22.11 - boston, ma: gone, baby, gone (2007)
7.23.11 - burlington, vermont: the trouble with harry (1955)
7.24.11 - lowell, ma: the friends of eddie coyle (1973)
7.25.11 - portsmouth, new hampshire: the devil and daniel webster (1941)
7.26.11 - likely washington, d.c.: mr. smith goes to washington (1939)
7.27.11 - greenville, south carolina: slither (2006)
7.28.11 - macon, georgia: the general (1926)
7.29.11 - lafayette, louisiana: hush...hush, sweet charlotte (1964)
7.30.11 - likely houston, texas: blood simple (1984)

fair warning: this is an extremely tentative schedule, at least as far as the movies go. some of these towns we'll only be in for a few hours at a time, so i am sure some of these will go by the wayside. that's just how it works out. i will try to do as many as i can, though, so if you're going to be in any of these places, come out and see us. if you've never heard what we do, here is a nice clip our friend, robert steel, shot for us a little while back.

looking forward to seeing your faces out there this summer.

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