BOO de grâce!

this month sees our first foray into a seasonally themed queue de grâce. my friend corey over at the spectacular optical corporation has seen fit to pick up my ghoulish gauntlet!

i have hand-selected a list of some of my favorite cinematic thrills and chills for corey to make his way through this week, a list that includes everything from pre-code mad doctors to rankin/bass clay monsters to exploitation at its worst from the four corners of the globe. follow his descent into my madness all week (and maybe beyond) while i sit back and let someone else do the work for a while. enjoy!


  1. It's tough watching and then writing about a film a day for a week with a wife, a two year old, and a job. It makes it that much harder when your son has a Nugent-like stranglehold on the one television in the house since he needs to watch BATMAN BRAVE AND THE BOLD episode 58 multiple times a day. I can't complain though...it has The Creeper and a Caveman Batman in it.

  2. i think time is the element of it that people always underestimate when they volunteer to do this. unfortunately, most people think of watching movies as a passive activity. i still can't believe that bastard jon gave me four a day to watch. if you need extra time to get through the whole list, take it. i'd rather it take a little longer and hear your thoughts on everything.

  3. Will do! I'd prefer to make it through the list as well...so I'll just play it by ear. So far it's been a blast and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's feature. I've been able to get up pretty early and enjoy my flicks with a hot pot of black coffe.