queue de grâce

in what will, most likely, be a recurring feature here, for a week at a time i am turning over complete control of my netflix streaming queue to one of you fine folks. for one entire week (excluding visits to actual theaters) i will only watch content curated by you, fellow cinephiles and internet prowlers. i will then tell the world what it is like to see through your eyes for seven days.

first in the chute: miss chelsea maria george.

that's chelsea on the left. the indignity she is suffering in this photo is miniscule compared to what she has in store for me from 11.8.10 through 11.14.10. for one dark week in november i anticipate getting to know both romy and michelle far better than i ever wanted to. i imagine bette midler will be well represented also, as she and chelsea are apparently related.

chelsea, did you ever know that you're my hero?

you can follow chelsea's online exploits at the brilliantly named something terrible has happened. it is a fledgling enterprise, as her starting a blog was a condition for our little experiment, but soon i am sure it will be overflowing with all things baby bumpers (i'll let her explain it).

as soon as i am sufficiently recovered i will do this again sometime early in 2011. if you have any interest in being my guest programmer, let me know. maybe we'll have some sort of contest if there are enough hats in the ring. in the meantime, pray for me.

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