summer tour - santa fe

there seems to be no more frontier, a fact i lament often. as we have crisscrossed the western united states these last two weeks, there were few places that didn't have cell phone service. you can imagine how few truly open spaces are left - no fences, no powerlines, nothing but starlight at night. while there may be nowhere to find the genuine article, the eaves movie ranch is at least devoted to maintaining a beautiful illusion of the old west.

productions took place here as early as 1962 but really began to hit their stride with the cheyenne social club (1970). ranch owner j.w. eaves struck a deal with gene kelly to split the cost of construction of a full scale western town for that movie and it has been a hub of western film activity ever since. it has a main street (either bustling or inhabited only by tumbleweeds, as need be), a hotel, a saloon, a jail, homesteads, a church and a good deal more. everything a cowboy might need.

it is a fully functioning film set but is also open to the public for tours or to book events and provides an amazing backdrop for the thirsty ear festival every year. so, if you pine for the 1860s like i do, and you're ever in santa fe, you can take a look back in time thanks to the fine work these folks do.

this is our last stop before we're back in texas. it has been great fun and we have met some truly wonderful people along the way. thanks, everyone!

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