today we bid a tearful goodbye to the first of what i hope will be several installments of queue de grâce. i want to say a most heartfelt thank you to my curator, miss chelsea george.

it probably wasn't the easiest thing in the world to put together a list of some of your favorite things and hand it off to someone knowing they might publicly rip it to shreds. i am glad she went to the time and trouble. i hope she feels like it was worthwhile. i certainly do. and, in addition to the other benefits of this viewing experience, anytime i need a laugh i can just picture a li'l chelsea doing her best rodney dangerfield impression. man, she loved that guy.

for posterity's sake, here's what i saw:

valley girl (1983)
soldier child (1998)
the count of monte cristo (2002)
center stage (2000)
how to be a serial killer (2008)
rover dangerfield (1991)
sweet home alabama (2002)
terminator 2: judgment day (1991)
la bamba (1987)
romy and michele's high school reunion (1997)
now and then (1995)
ladybugs (1992)
casino (1995)
gentlemen prefer blondes (1953)
the land before time (1988)
the september issue (2009)

i ran out of time before i could get to these, but for chelsea i will keep them in the queue and watch them all, eventually:

clash of the titans (1981)
corrina, corrina (1994)
wristcutters: a love story (2006)
trailer park boys: the movie (2006)

if you are late to the party, you can go back to the beginning here and for more insight into the infernal workings of chelsea's mind please visit something terrible has happened. if you're a tumblr user you can follow her there. she craves minions to do her bidding shopping!

if you would like to be my curator for a week some time please drop me a line and let me know. i plan on doing these on a semi-regular basis, a few times a year, anyway. cabby, caroline, jon, shen, summer and joe - i already have you guys on the list. anyone else who is interested i will add in order of when their request was received. thanks for following along.


  1. I hereby second the nomination for Trailer Park Boys, but I wonder if it will be as funny out of context if you've never seen the show. Hope you like it, 'cos me, I think it's shit your pants funny. but then again, we fail to see eye to eye on the I.T. Crowd.

  2. Great series. This week was probably the most faithful I've ever been to any blog. I'd jump in line if it wasn't already so long.

  3. kate, you're on the list.

    bobby, i am heavily in favor of the trailer park boys. the IT crowd is just too much of a set them up and knock them down sitcom for me. ricky, bubbles and julian, however, kill me.

    carla, thank you. and i am going to go ahead and put you on the list and i'll just remind you whenever it gets close. i would love to see what you would choose.