thanksgiving by starlite

november's edition of starlite cinema is now history, and a great evening it was.

our double feature tonight was a charlie brown thanksgiving (1973) and big night (1996). it was a beautiful night with old friends and new in a lovely new venue, courtesy of lauren and stephen smith. the smiths went above and beyond for starlite, stuffing us all to the gills with a dinner that had thematic ties to both films tonight.

sometimes the spaghetti likes to be alone.

there was a pumpkin pie that was promptly devoured. lauren made s'mores by blowtorch! and the bruschetta was a work of art.

it all added up to a lovely celebration of film and food with my austin family. i wish everyone could have been there.

some things vitagraph is thankful for right about now:

the annie street arts collective - this would have never started without them. i am privileged to know a group of such imaginative, caring and endlessly entertaining people. i am proud and happy to call them my friends and i appreciate them helping me get this series rolling more than i can ever say.

lauren and stephen smith - i can't thank you guys enough for the wonderful food and hospitality tonight. you added a touch of home that was indispensable, especially appropriate for thanksgiving. i can't tell you how much i am already looking forward to the next time.

my friends that come to these screenings - i am grateful that you come out and share these evenings with me. i am glad you trust that i am going to show you something worth your time and energy. it's nice to discover new things and re-examine old favorites in your fine company.

my friends that don't - i am glad you meet me here, virtually, and listen while i prattle on about how much i love the movies. thanks for indulging me and thanks for participating in the discussion.

late autumn in texas - in august, these screenings can be murder. right now, though, it is damn near perfect. i can't think of a much better setting for this than a cozy night under a (nearly) blue moon with the wind rustling through the dry leaves.

the movies - a whole world of cinema is out there. in the months to come we are going to try and take advantage of all the places it can take us. i hope you find time to come along with us a time or two.

and now, charles durning will lead us in the invocation...

i'll be back soon with details about the december installment. happy thanksgiving, everyone!

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