summer tour - brooklyn

today finds us in brooklyn and it would be remiss of me to spend a summer day in brooklyn and not give a nod to one of my all time favorites, spike lee's do the right thing (1989). i had always liked spike. she's gotta have it (1986) and school daze (1988) had a ragged charm that i loved, even if they weren't the greatest films ever made. then this thing arrived in the summer of 1989 and went off like a bomb in my brain. small town oklahoma is pretty much the polar opposite of bed-stuy and i had never felt so unmoored and agitated by a movie in my whole life, up to that point - a feeling i have been chasing to varying degrees of success ever since. i am not going to go on at length about it today because, eventually, this one is going to get a vital-graph entry all its own. i just wanted to take a brief moment to say thanks, spike, for giving me one of the most profoundly transformative cinematic experiences i have ever had. there is only one story we are all always trying to tell and that is the story of right hand, left hand. turn it up for radio raheem.

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