summer tour - lowell

so, as we sit here in the van and debate the relative merits of playing a show to absolutely no one in the depressed industrial hamlet of lowell, i thought i would take a moment to tell you about another group who are far more dedicated than we are to bringing art into the lives of the denizens of this little mill town - the lowell film collaborative.

it's a labor of love from brett and suzz cromwell. they are doing a lot of great things on a grassroots level to promote film production and appreciation in the greater lowell area and i applaud them for it, because it seems like it might be a hard sell in this community. it's their third anniversary next month, and in that time they have offered screenings at venues all over town, organized their own film festival, reported on other regional festivals, brought in filmmakers for discussion and coordinated with other like-minded community organizations and businesses to present special events all with one goal in mind - opening lowell's first truly independent movie house. they are doing really great work and making lowell a nicer place for area film lovers. my hat is off to them. check out their site and if you have friends up here make sure they find out about it and support them. i'd like to see them get their theater.

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