once more into the breach

it is almost that time again. the fifth installment of queue de grâce draws near.

if you haven't been around to witness one of these before, here is how it works: for one straight week i turn over complete control of my netflix streaming queue to one of you fine citizens. during that week, except for visits to actual theaters, i exclusively watch content curated by one of you guys and report back daily about my viewing experience. no other movies or television, no other relief from someone else's cinematic proclivities.

our next guest programmer is shen heaton. this shot is from a surveillance camera i planted in her underground lair where she sits, day and night, crafting the blueprint for my cinematic destruction.

a stone cold killer. she is scheduled to take over my feed from 8.8.11 through 8.14.11. i am racing to get my internet connected in my new place in time for that deadline. if i don't make it in time, i will start it as soon as i can after that. i will do everything in my power to make it by sunday for i fear that my list will be doubly punishing if i don't. i am not sure how much the omissions from netflix's streaming list in the wake of their pricing platform change will affect her selections but we will forge ahead, nonetheless. join us and we will all find out together.

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