shen done him right

another installment of queue de grâce passes into history. everyone take a moment a bid a fond farewell to our guest programmer for the past week, shen heaton.

she provided me with an excellent list, if i do say so myself. here's what i watched this time around, for posterity's sake:

when the road bends: tales of a gypsy caravan (2006)
gogol bordello non-stop (2008)
everything is illuminated (2005)
north (1994)
gangs of new york (2002)
crazy (2008)
murder by death (1976)
the good, the bad, the weird (2008)
best in show (2000)
cannibal! the musical (1993)
a dirty shame (2004)
oliver! (1968)
the inspector general (1949)
spy kids (2001)
repo! the genetic opera (2008)
sukiyaki western django (2007)
hogfather (2006)
labyrinth (1986)
ponyo (2008)
the passion of joan of arc (1928)

i had a really good time with this one. shen always made sure there was a healthy dose of fun every day in preparation for the perfectly chosen and beautifully difficult finale. i appreciate the international focus a great deal, especially the block of asian films. i have also learned to be highly skeptical of any title incorporating an exclamation point, oliver! notwithstanding. it was a fantastic set to christen my new household with, as it was full of laughter and music. thanks, shen. you did a great job. as always, i can't tell you much i appreciate the willingness of all you guys to put yourselves publicly on the line for this, letting me opine so freely about some of your favorite things. i'm glad you trust me with the movies you love.

in an effort to keep up with the ever-growing list of participants, i will be back in september with a new list curated by the lovely summer anne burton. her prodigious skill in the art of the mixtape leads me to believe that this experiment is going to reach dizzying new heights. join us and see. and if you would like to throw your hat in the ring just let me know and i will make sure you get added to the list. just be prepared to be patient. thanks to everyone for reading and thanks again, shen, for a great experience.

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