just give me a decent muriel

the fine folks over at the muriel awards have been gracious enough to ask me to participate in this year's festivities and i couldn't be more pleased to take part, as some of my favorite web-based film writers contribute their two cents each year. i invariably find out about some great thing i missed via their thoughtful and eclectic ballots. right now i am scrambling like mad to catch up on the things i missed in 2011 to make sure no cinematic stone is unturned come 2.4.12, the day my ballot is due. in the meantime, head on over if you'd like to see the results from the past few years or a picture of muriel herself, the guinea pig this whole shebang is named after.

that is actually not muriel. she could probably lift at least twice that.

you can also check out our science is too tight while you're at it, which is where all the excellent work from muriel voters is regularly collected for you in one convenient place. peek in on what the other voters are watching, reading and writing about in our run up to the furriest award of the season. in the meantime, i will be filling out my ballot about a dozen times between now and then. see you on the red carpet!

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