starlite by lamplite

all this rain in the last 48 hours made our usual venue a little swampy so, for the first time, we moved starlite cinema series indoors. much like most things starlite, things worked out just like they ought to.

the inclement weather and other obligations also kept attendance down this time but even that worked out in our favor. it resulted in an evening of interesting conversation and a cozier atmosphere in which to take in a program of belated valentines. we started things off with michel ocelot's intricate papercut animation, the three inventors (1980), which we were able to enjoy that much more thanks to some translation help from lara wakefield and christophe borgnon. from there, we went on to our feature for the evening, jean vigo's l'atalante (1934), a film that may have benefited from the more intimate setting even more than i could have anticipated. in retrospect, it's a film that seems best shared in small groups, passed along like a confidence. a cool night, a fire in the hearth and one of world cinema's loveliest experiences - forget virginia, starlite is for lovers.

next month promises to be very exciting, as we are undertaking our first two-part program. in march we begin a journey into the hardboiled world of my favorite knight-errant private eye, philip marlowe, with howard hawks' the big sleep (1946).

bogart and bacall's chemistry is off the charts and raymond chandler's dialogue (with a script assist from william faulkner) is whip-smart and razor sharp. it is one of the undisputed classics of the genre and kicks off our first multi-installment program in style. we are going to slate this one for 3.24.12 to give everyone time to catch their breath after all the sxsw craziness. showtime will be at 7:30. here is the facebook event page if you'd like to rsvp there. if you need more info just let me know. part two of the marlowe double bill will coincide with our second anniversary screening in april and will feature one of my favorites of all time. hope you can make it to one or both.

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