vote early and often

ok, the biggest awards of the season are upon us - the muriels.

from now through 3.4.12 the results of our voting will be posted regularly at the above link and eventually collected, along with our individual lists, here. if you're a regular around here, you know how stridently anti-list and anti-award i am. lists, on the internet and elsewhere, are almost always garbage to generate traffic and spur arguments that illuminate nothing. awards for art are patently ridiculous, as the subjective nature of the whole endeavor makes the result immeasurable, unquantifiable from one to the next. so, bear in mind when you read my results i am not saying "best" so much as "my favorite". the nature of the muriels is much more about devoted fans kicking cinema around and, with any luck, spreading the word about films in a way that might excite people to seek them out, if they haven't already. i have posted a handy muriel-approved button to the right of the screen here so you can just click that to check on the daily updates. enjoy and i hope you discover something fun and new.


  1. thanks! i appreciate that. i have been neglecting it a bit as of late but that should remedy itself soon.