good night, starlite

it was the second anniversary of our starlite cinema series tonight.

and it was a bit of a bittersweet experience. we put up the screen at the crestland arcadium for the last time tonight. the smiths are moving, so this wonderful location that has been home to so much cinematic fun for us will be no more. fittingly, we close up this shop as we hit a milestone and with a perfect title, robert altman's the long goodbye (1973). it was a beautiful night out and i couldn't think of a much better way to go out than with one of my absolute favorites. as long as we're feeling wistful let's take a look at what we've seen together this year:

seven samurai (1954)
the adventures of prince achmed (1926)
the thief of bagdad (1940)
m. hulot's holiday (1953)
rope (1948)
acrobatty bunny (1946)
mst3k: here comes the circus (1946)
la strada (1954)
night of the vampire (2006)
to die by your side (2011)
thirst (2009)
holiday for drumsticks (1949)
food (1992)
home for the holidays (1995)
rare exports: a christmas tale (2010)
the dentist (1932)
the barbershop (1933)
county hospital (1932)
mush and milk (1933)
it's a gift (1934)
the three inventors (1980)
l'atalante (1934)
slick hare (1947)
the big sleep (1946)
the long goodbye (1973)

once again, we circled the globe to bring the world of cinema to our little corner of texas. this time around we visited japan, germany, france, italy, korea, the czech republic and finland. we had our first kurosawa, fellini and hitchcock, plenty of looney tunes, classic slapstick, fairy tales, luminous romance, seasonal madness and more innovative animation. it was a great year.

we are going to take the month of may off so that the smiths can settle in to their new home and the band can go out to west texas to make our new record. in the meantime, we are going to mull over our options for keeping the tradition of starlite alive. chances are we are going to have to move indoors so a new name will probably be in order. other details we will figure out. we will definitely be back, though. we really love putting these on and starlite by any other name will be just as much fun. we'll keep you posted as soon as we work it all out. thanks to everyone who came to the arcadium all year and we hope to see you at the new spot!

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