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here we are again at the end of another installment of queue de grâce. everyone take a moment and say so long to our guest programmer for the week, miss carla shiflet.

an appropriate photo in both season and hue, as the list she provided me was red and blue and late summer all over. for posterity's sake, here is the full rundown of what i saw:

trouble in paradise (1932)
ball of fire (1942)
unfaithfully yours (1948)
pickup on south street (1953)
rififi (1955)
elevator to the gallows (1958)
yojimbo (1961)
black girl (1966)
mon oncle (1955)
pauline at the beach (1983)
women on the verge of a nervous breakdown (1988)
still bill (2009)
gimme shelter (1970)
the killing of a chinese bookie (1976)
in the mood for love (2000)
black orpheus (1959)
thieves like us (1974)
hands on a hard body (1997)
cave of forgotten dreams (2010)
daddy longlegs (2009)

i seriously overbooked myself and, as a result, our one week experiment stretched into two, but schedule delays and a back injury notwithstanding this was the most pleasurable queue i have done so far. i should have this list tattooed on me somewhere as a reminder of these halcyon days so that i have something to get me through in the future when one of you decides to do an all-lifetime tv movie queue just for kicks. i thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to everything on here. no irony, no torture, no childhood nostalgia being confused for quality cinema. this girl was yelling right down my alley - excellent films, a sustained tone evoking time and place and sequenced so that each film brought new things to light in the others. there is a contingent that claims she took it too easy on me but i am sure your bloodlust will be slaked sooner rather than later. for now i am going to bask in the afterglow of a list like i may never see again. 

a special surprise edition of the queue is slated for early may and i am terribly excited about it. details will be coming very soon so stay tuned. as always, if you would like to throw your hat in the ring for this business just let me know and i will add you to the ever-growing list. just be prepared to be very patient. thanks to everyone for following along and a special thank you again to carla. it was a joy.

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