curtain call

it is time to ring down the curtain on another edition of queue de grâce. everyone take a last parting glance at the ol' girl.

thanks again to paramount staffers jim ritts, jesse trussell, nick barbieri, brooklyn henson, stacey fellers, laura vilches, paige deegan, scott butler, ian pirie and aaron ward for selecting such a wildly diverse and interesting group of films for me. here's the full list, for posterity's sake:

chinatown (1974)
a clockwork orange (1971)
daisies (1966)
reprise (2006)
head-on (2004)
silverlake life: the view from here (1993)
 steel magnolias (1989)
due date (2010)
road house (1989)
an american in paris (1951)
machuca (2004)
black orpheus (1959)
a boy and his dog (1975)
hedwig and the angry inch (2001)
toy story (1995)
cars (2006)
starship troopers (1997)
the fifth element (1997)
confessions of a dangerous mind (2002)
innocent voices (2004)

i appreciate all the time and trouble they went to for this project and it was a great way to kick off the summer moviegoing season. now that we have this batch of paramount-selected double features under our belt we can transition into the big screened, air conditioned comfort of a summer's worth of double features downtown for the paramount's summer classic film series. follow the link to see the full schedule. it's a doozy. you can also take a gander at all the special events, including the summer kick-off party featuring to kill a mockingbird (1962) and pillow talk (1959) taking place a week from today! if you're going to spend all summer there, like me, do yourself a favor and become a paramount film fan. you will save yourself a few bucks and help make sure our favorite theatre is around to do it again next summer. to make sure you don't miss any paramount related film news, you can also follow film programmer jesse trussell's blog where he will keep you posted about all the cinematic happenings at the paramount. i'll see you in row q!

i also want to extend a special thanks to our brothers and sisters in arms at vulcan video. we couldn't have had this much fun this week without them. keep it local.

the queue returns in late june and the sins of the past may return to haunt me as my favorite sister, haylee roulain, will be in charge, gaining some measure of revenge for all the cruel and hilarious big brother tricks i have ever pulled. you should ask her about the time i convinced her i was a vampire and that i had flown up onto the roof of our house right after she had watched the lost boys (1987). what a great day. haylee strikes back 6.18.12 through 6.24.12. it's the day she's waited for for thirty-two years. don't miss it. as always, thanks for reading along. see you next time.

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