a queue of paramount importance

hot on the heels of last month's excellent queue de grâce experience, i have a special surprise for you guys.

that's right. this month's queue is coming to us courtesy of the fine folks at my home away from home, the paramount theatre. it is coming up on my favorite time of year - the commencement of the paramount's summer film series - and i couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than to have them program something especially for me.

i know there will probably be quite a few of you that are new to our experiment here, so here's how it works: for one straight week i turn over complete control of my netflix queue to one of you fine folks. for the duration of that week, excluding screenings i host or trips to actual theaters, i watch only what you select for me. no other movies, no other television, no escape! i then report in daily, telling the rest of the gang here about my experience, recording my impressions and giving a sort of guided tour of my cinematic ups and downs (and sometimes sideways) during the week.

for this special edition of queue de grâce we are actually going to make it even bigger and bolder! it is set to run from 5.7.12 through 5.16.12 and there are going to be a whole lot of cooks in this kitchen. in honor of the summer series, we are having ten paramount staffers each program a double feature for me for ten straight days. from what i have heard, this one is going to be all over the map and i cannot wait to open it up and see what is inside. it is going to be great.

and while we are on the subject of great, you know who else is great? these guys.

hometown heroes, and my favorite video store, vulcan video are generously providing us a few of the harder to come by titles for this project and we certainly appreciate them. support your local video store!

so drop what you're doing next week and tune in for the mayhem and majesty that is queue de grâce. it is sure to be a good time and we may even have a few surprises for you along the way (is that a summer schedule i see in the distance?). if you want to keep up with our extracurricular activity and interact more, feel free to like the ol' facebook page. see you here on the 7th!

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