a palate cleanser

i need something to get the taste of that doors mess out of my mouth. here's a great clip of xtc doing a particularly muscular version of "respectable street" from urgh! a music war (1981), a music film that's actually worth a damn. give me some rhythm!


  1. The two moments that stand out the most to me in this film are Joan Jett's furious version of Bad Re[utation, and The Cramps. The Cramps in particular affected me like few other bands before them. I mean they just flat out freaked me the fuck out. I wasn't sure what to make of them. I didn't understand what musical context they fit into. I couldn't figure out if Lux was gay or straight. I couldn't figure out how his pants stayed up, or how the entire mic fit into his mouth. I just knew that they were playing something that at 14, I'd never heard before and I wanted to know more. Performance quality aside in some cases, there's not a single performance in this movie that rings false. Even the Police are at a high point when this film was made. I shudder to think what the result would be if this same project were attempted today.

  2. it's called the vans warped tour. you are right to shudder.