trailer tuesday: summer tour - sausalito

the road has been pretty kind to us so far. today finds us in sausalito, california. a lovely harbor community, it was here where otis redding wrote "dock of the bay" while staying at a houseboat in 1967. sterling hayden made his home here for the latter part of his life. and it was here that orson welles stylishly shot himself in the foot with the lady from shanghai (1948).

for everything in this film's favor, welles sets up an equal and opposite force. he had rita hayworth cut and dye her trademark tresses. at times, it is unnecessarily complicated and rambling. on the other hand, there is that dazzling hall of mirrors finale and there is an uncomfortable tension that is well maintained throughout. harry cohn ultimately offered one thousand dollars to anyone who could explain the plot of the film. even welles couldn't cash in on the offer. you should see it. it is a fine muddle.

we now turn to make our way up the pacific coast. talk to you again soon.

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