starlite cinema series - ¡viva españa!

in honor of spain winning the world cup we are dedicating our next installment of the starlite cinema series to them.

we will kick off the evening with rogue pixar animator rodrigo blaas' alma (2009). it recently won the 2010 goya award (non-spanish speakers can paste that web address into a translator here) for best animated short film.

we will follow that with luis buñuel's simon of the desert (1965).

satan has seldom looked better. surrealism versus the catholic church with a bird's eye view.

next, we move on to our feature presentation, victor erice's the spirit of the beehive (1973). this is truly one of my favorite films. a brilliant mood piece and rumination on the inner lives of children, there is a certain magic in it. ana torrent was a special kid. there is a grace about her that we would all do well to aspire to.

also notable is the fact that the cinematographer, luis cuadrado, was going blind at the time the film was made. it is spectacular to look at even without knowing that. when you watch it knowing that the man photographing it could barely see it becomes nearly miraculous.

as always, i am bringing this to you guys with my dear friends at the annie street arts collective. i couldn't do it without them. things will be getting underway at 9 p.m. on saturday, 8.21.10, so mark your calendars. here is the event page on facebook where you can find more details, RSVP, et cetera. if that's not an option and you would like to attend please feel free to send me a message and i will get you all the pertinent information. it's very casual. the more the merrier. hope to see you there.

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