another iron in the fire

i apologize to you folks that are getting this news multiple times with all of our cross-pollination here but we're kind of excited about getting the word out about our new enterprise.

my friend, bobby munoz, and i are starting a new podcast called criterion by the numbers. it will be an examination and appreciation of the films in the criterion dvd library starting with spine number 1, jean renoir's the grand illusion (1937) and, honestly, just going as far as we can. as of this posting, they are at spine number 534 and are releasing titles at a steady clip so we doubt we'll cover the whole thing but we will do our damndest to get as far as we can.

the goal is pretty much like what we do here at vitagraph, american. we'd like to encourage discussion among the folks who are already familiar with these films. revisit them with us, discover something you might have missed or confirm suspicions long-held, check in on old friends. for people who might not have had a chance to see them we hope our enthusiasm for these films encourages newcomers to find out exactly what is so great about the work the criterion collection does. with any luck, there will be a little something for everyone.

episode 000 is up now. it's just a little introduction so you can get to know us a bit. give it a listen if you have time and please feel free to pass it along to any friends you think might be interested. comments and email, as always, are encouraged and appreciated.

thanks for tuning in.

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