a summer place

well, the summer is winding down and that always brings with it the bittersweet news that the paramount summer classics series is drawing to a close. it goes through sunday but, due to a busy schedule, i have visited the old girl for the last time this season. a long summer tour with the band and a busy work schedule made time pretty tight but i managed to see quite a few great films. here is a poster gallery of what i managed to take in. the earliest film represented is wings (1927) and it goes up through lone star (1996). they are arranged in chronological order of original release.

it's not all bad news, though. october, my favorite time of year, is just around the corner and one summer classics series ending just means i get to look forward with anticipation to when they announce the schedule for the next one. so long, row q. i'll see you in may, 2011.

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