forecast calls for more thrills, chills

alright, the responses for twice the thrills! twice the chills! have begun to come in! the halloween double feature is about to begin. this way to your seats, please.

thomas, possibly my favorite kid in the whole world and definitely the only seven year-old i would want on my side in a fight, gets animated at his blog, awesome nine kajillion.

kate keeps it real with a couple of splendidly grubby choices at achromatic places.

bryce tips his hat to texas over at things that don't suck.

neil gives us a twisted tease at the agitation of the mind.

mr. canacorn gets back in the game, and every one of us is better for it, at awesomeness for awesome's sake.

elwood sends us his freakish dispatch from the depths of dvd hell.

chelsea does the devil's work over at something terrible has happened (plus, my favorite illustration so far!).

summer stays bedridden at crazier than shirttails.

robert reminds us that the first scares are some of the best scares over at robert steel's blog.

as more entries arrive i will update this post with links. keep spreading the word and thanks to everyone for contributing.


  1. @bryce i wish i knew what all those pictures in the right column went to. i recognize most but some i don't and i sure wish i did. i hovered over them but no titles popped up. is there are way to do that?
    ~ julie

  2. If there is I don't know it. I'm the least savy tech person in the world. lol.

    But here's a list (sorry cole)

    - Messiah Of Evil
    - Ratatouille
    - Amelie
    - My Neighbor Totorro
    - Harold And Maude
    - The Royal Tenenbaums
    - High Fidelity
    - For A Few Dollars More
    - Invasion Of The Body Snatchers
    - They Live
    - Under The Volcano
    - Exorcist
    - Twilight Zone The Movie
    - Jason And The Argonauts
    - Psycho
    - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    - Black Narcissus
    - Kiss Of Death
    - The Aviator
    - Steamboat Bill Jr. (?)
    - Dr. Strangelove
    - Metropolis
    - Carnival Of Souls
    - Evil Dead 2
    - Dawn Of The Dead
    - Rock N' Rule
    - The Wall
    - The Fantastic Mr. Fox
    - The Incredibles
    - Gangs Of New York
    - Princess Mononoke
    - Night Of The Hunter
    - Eraserhead
    - Donnie Darko
    - Spirited Away
    - Evil Dead
    - Horror Of Dracula
    - Black Sunday
    - Mad LOve
    - Big Trouble In Little China
    - Five Fingers Of Death
    - For A Few Dollars More
    - The Killers
    - The Shining
    - The Fountain
    - Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance
    - Jean Pierre Melville film (embarrassingly I'm not a hundred percent sure which one.)
    - Eyes Wide Shut
    - Tales Of Hoffman
    - Aguirre Wrath Of God
    - Angel Heart
    - The Big Lebowski
    - Black Mama White Mama
    -The Adventures Of Robin Hood
    - Porco Rosso
    - The Aviator
    - Kiki's Delivery Service
    - Yojimbo
    - Seven Samurai
    - Muhullond Drive.
    - The Third Man
    - In A Lonely Place
    - For A Few Dollars More (One of my favorite movies alright)
    - Once Upon A Time In The West
    - The Misfits
    - The Passion Of Joan Of Arc
    - Vivre Sa Vie
    - The Red Shoes
    - Kill Bill Vol. 2
    - Bonnie And Clyde
    - Wild At Heart
    - Apocalypse Now
    - Invincible
    - The Shining
    - Brazil
    - Matrix Revolutions
    - Silence Of The Lambs
    - Sweeney Todd
    - Fight Club
    - Blue Velvet
    - The Box
    - The Searchers
    - Outlaw Josey Wales
    - Inglorious Basterds
    - Videodrome
    -The Brother's Bloom
    - Love And Death

  3. not a problem. there were one or two i wasn't one hundred percent sure of either.