operating by feel

here's an interesting little tidbit. you're familiar with house of wax (1953), right?

it was the early fifties and television was keeping people home in droves so the major studios unleashed the gimmicks to keep patrons coming to the theaters. 3-D was the wave of the future and with house of wax it was promised that "beauty and terror meet right in your seat"! dig out your old 3-D spectacles and check this out:

it's 1953, your competitor just came out with bwana devil (1952) the year before, beating you to the 3-D punch. ok, warner brothers, a lot is riding on this one. who shall we get to helm our first foray into the world of three dimensions? who is best equipped to put this chamber of horrors onscreen that will leap into the audience's lap? turns out, this guy.

that's right, andré de toth. andré de toth with one functioning eye. nothing against the man. he made some of my favorite movies, including this one. i just wish i could've heard his pitch. it must have been a lulu.


  1. One of the great mysteries of cinema.

  2. what he lacks in depth perception he makes up for with that kickass eye patch.