my cinematic alphabet

this little exercise originated over at citizenrobot and i have enjoyed looking around at everyone else's so i thought i would try my hand at it. the general idea is to choose your favorite film for each letter of the alphabet. here we go.

a is for aguirre, the wrath of god (1972).

b is for the bank dick (1940).

c is for the conversation (1974).

d is for dead of night (1945).

e is for the elephant man (1980).

f is for f for fake (1975).

g is for gaslight (1944).

h is for halloween (1978).

i is for the in-laws (1979).

j is for juliet of the spirits (1965).

k is for king kong (1933).

l is for the long goodbye (1973).

m is for the maltese falcon (1941).

n is for naked (1993).

o is for the old dark house (1932).

p is for picnic at hanging rock (1975).

q is for quai des orfèvres (1947).

r is for rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead (1990).

s is for sherlock jr. (1924).

t is for the testament of dr. mabuse (1933).

u is for ugetsu (1953).

v is for valerie and her week of wonders (1970).

w is for a woman under the influence (1974).

x is for x: the man with the x-ray eyes (1963).

y is for yojimbo (1961).

z is for zelig (1983).

mine actually turned out to be a fairly accurate representation of my cinematic proclivities. how about yours?


  1. If I could figure out how to post those pretty pictures (yes, I'm 12) I would totally do this. Great, great list.

  2. thank you, sir. post a list without pictures, at least.

  3. Purdy pictures pal. I made one of my own, but there is just no other M but the Maltese Falcon.


  4. thank you. some excellent choices in yours, as well. i particularly like the shots for barfly and der golem.