queue de grâce is coming

the third installment of queue de grâce is on its way. just thinking about it gives me the creeps. ladies and gentlemen, keep your button eyes peeled for...

for the uninitiated, here are the rules for our little experiment: for one solid week i turn over complete control of my streaming netflix queue to one of you fine folks. during that week (excluding visits to actual theaters) i will only watch content curated by them and report back daily, detailing my viewing experience and letting you know what to do with my remains should i not survive.

our next guest programmer is caroline ruggles. here she is assembling the floral arrangements for my cinematic funeral.

look at the diabolical glee in those eyes. i have it on good authority that she is going above and beyond to assemble my list. not simply satisfied with the offerings available on netflix, she is culling additional fiendish delights from her personal collection. the festivities begin on 4.18.11 and run through 4.24.11. stop in and see what she has in store for me. it should be a grand time.

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