one year in

we're a year old today and ava gardner is here with cake!

it was a year ago today that i embarked on this enterprise and it has turned out to be more than i could have reasonably hoped for. the past year has seen the establishment of our starlite cinema series and the unstoppable juggernaut that is queue de grâce. i have forged some great relationships out of all this, most especially with the fine folks at the paramount theater and bryce, who runs the show over at things that don't suck. i managed to attend five festivals. i took in a couple hundred movies in the past year, including some incredible new discoveries. i regret that our criterion podcast has been on the back burner for so long, but after my computer was stolen that had all our work stored on it i admit it took the wind out of my sails. i promise everyone, especially bobby, that it is not forgotten. otherwise, i couldn't be more pleased with how things are working out.

to celebrate this first anniversary i have just launched an accompanying tumblr blog called vitagraph hall. its main function will be to serve as a repository for images and other miscellany that serve no practical purpose over here. if you're on tumblr, feel free to follow us or pass it along to friends who might enjoy it. there's always the facebook page as well, if you are interested in our events and more immediate and interactive vitagraph action. in an effort to expand the scope of our mission to encourage cinematic discovery, there are also one or two other ideas i am working on for the near future and i will keep you posted as to how those are going as soon as i can. in the meantime, thank you for reading and participating here. i sincerely appreciate everyone for coming along for the last year and i look forward to what's next with you folks. now, let's have cake.


  1. Send a big hunk of that cake westward, because the Laszlos love birthday parties. vitagraph, american has become a family pastime, and we look forward to the coming years.

  2. the laszlos were the only family with multiple members participating in the festivities during year one. charter members in the vitagraph hall of fame!

  3. Somewhat belated response (Not because I didn't read it but because I figured "Oh I'll post something nicer later" and then ended up swept away by the ne'r ending crapstorm that is my life). But suffice to say any help I've been has been a pleasure and the least I could do given the great reads I've found here. My blogroll is definitely richer for having The Vitagraph on it.

    To many more great years.

  4. thanks, bryce. it definitely wouldn't have been as good a year around here without your encouragement, interaction and insight.