cup o' joe

queue de grâce returns soon after a month off. prepare yourselves.

if you've never been around for one of these, here's the way it works: for one solid week i turn over control of my streaming netflix queue to one of you stalwart folks. during that week, aside from visits to actual theaters or screenings i host, i only watch material you select, no other film, no other television. if you didn't put it on my list, i don't see it. i then report in on a daily basis, reflecting on our cinematic journey together.

our next programmer is my favorite contrarian, joe turner.

for the record, the only sport i have ever seen him play is kickball.

austinites can find joe edifying the community at bookpeople where he administrates an excellent horror-centric book club, the nightmare factory, among other things. he also contributes insightful reviews and more to bookpeople's blog. if you are looking for a good read, he will do right by you. joe is in the driver's seat for the week of 11.7.11 through 11.13.11. for once, i really have no idea what to expect except that it's going to be fun. stop back by and play along with us if you get the chance.


  1. expect an appearance by Chris Eigeman at some point...

  2. both metropolitan and barcelona are available streaming. maybe he won't see this. damn it!

  3. if we know Joe at all, we know he won't do what is expected.

  4. with great power comes great responsibility.