thankfully, starlite

our hardy band of cinephiles reconvened this evening for this year's thanksgiving edition of the starlite cinema series.

it was an unseasonably warm (as if that exists in central texas anymore) evening for late november so it didn't feel as much like thanksgiving as it might have. the smiths didn't let that slow them down, though, as they made a batch of the best apple cider i have had in my life.

a beautiful evening, excellent company, the house full of the smell of apples, cinnamon, citrus, clove and nutmeg. what else do you need? movies, that's what. we started our program with the looney tunes cartoon, holiday for drumsticks (1949). then, in keeping with our gustatory theme, we took in a short from czech animator, and vitagraph favorite, jan svankmajer. for those of you unable to make it tonight, i can't show you the feature or make your house smell as good, but i can pass the short along. here, for your enjoyment, is svankmajer's food (1992)

we then moved on to our feature for the evening, jodie foster's home for the holidays (1995). we were fewer in number this time around, what with a lot of our friends being on the road, but a good time was still had by all. tonight also marked a milestone for us as it was exactly a year ago that lauren and stephen first opened their home to us, providing us with a perfect space in which to get together and watch films. thanks to everyone that comes out, we're always glad to see you, and happy anniversary to my partners in cinema!

i am putting together our late december program right now. expect to see that information in the next week or so. if you're not overwhelmed with holiday demands, or especially if you are, you should come by, relax and take in a movie with us. there's always room for one more.

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