hello, joe, what do you know?

so it's time to put another installment of queue de grâce to bed. many thanks to my guest curator, joe turner.

look at him there, in his element, slinging books, rocking out. here is the complete list of what joe selected for me this week:

the life of reilly (2006)
g.i. joe: the rise of cobra (2009)
moulin rouge! (2001)
crank 2 : high voltage (2009)
the secret of kells (2009)
oliver! (1968)
the three musketeers (1973)
the four musketeers: milady's revenge (1974)
jesus christ superstar (1973)
fritz the cat (1972)
don't play us cheap (1973)
streets of fire (1984)
burn, witch, burn (1962)
flash gordon (1980)
the secret of NIMH (1982)
hardware (1990)
bedazzled (1967)
across 110th street (1972)
gambit (1966)
zulu (1964)

there are a lot of things represented there that joe and i share a deep fondness for - peter cook, michael caine, oliver reed, yaphet kotto, the witty sixties, the gritty seventies. he certainly threw me into the deep end with the musicals, though, and if weren't for one fortunate/merciful choice i might have gone into black and white withdrawal. still and all, it's always fun to see how the other half lives. something interesting always comes out of this experience. this time around i was surprised at how often i would have liked to have been watching these films with joe. there may be a point where i incorporate that as part of the proceedings, at least with one or two titles. maybe a separate one-off deal, a podcast debate (which would have been ideal with joe), a group viewing, a trip to the theater written as a joint entry. who knows? the queue continues to evolve and i am open to ideas, so fire away if you have them. i am game to expand the scope of the queue and/or incorporate them as new recurring features. maybe we can work in a new wrinkle or two next month as the queue returns in early december for another go-round. in the meantime, my sincere thanks to everyone for following along and a special thank you to joe for assembling this cinematic mixtape for me. had a wonderful time, wish you were here.

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