let it queue, let it queue, let it queue

queue de grâce returns to ring in the holidays early next week!

the rules: for a full week i turn over complete control my netflix streaming queue to one of you kids. during the week, excluding visits to actual theaters and screenings i host, i will only watch what you choose. no other films, no other television, no respite from the cinematic rigors that you have assigned me. i then report in on a daily basis, detailing my travails and triumphs.

this time around our guest programmer is intrepid newshound kate ludlow.

she appears to be skeptical of my ability to withstand her cinematic onslaught, no?

kate can be found most days keeping the community informed at the liberty hill independent. when not occupied there, she can be found ruminating on more personal matters over at achromatic places, which i suspect may feature rebuttals, defenses and encouragements for me during the week to come. her week at the helm runs 12.5.11 through 12.11.11. please stop in and see what sort of holiday cheer she has in store for us.

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  1. I've got your two favorites in store, Christmas and children!!