starlite advisory: you'd better watch out

prepare for starlite cinema to deck your halls! our december program is going to feature a holiday confection unlike any you've seen before, jalmari helander's rare exports: a christmas tale (2010).

a group of finnish reindeer herders find their holiday disturbed, first by ominous, mysterious excavations on their mountain and then even more so by what the excavations have seemed to unleash upon the countryside. santa claus has come to town and has set his sights on the naughty. in the finest brothers grimm tradition, this digs back through centuries of christmas tradition (with nods to the pagan forebears they stole their ideas from) and unearths for us a most dangerous, blackly comic lump of coal. it's actually a feature-length expansion of a pair of short films from a few years ago. they will give you an idea of what sort of holiday cheer you have to look forward to. they aren't necessarily all that spoiler-ish. sort of apples and oranges to the feature film, if those apples and oranges were put in a sock so as not to leave bruises. enjoy!

the festivities begin at 7:30 p.m. on saturday, 12.17.11. here is the event page if you would like to rsvp there. if you're not facebook enabled and you would like to attend, just let me know. i will get you the pertinent information. we hope to see you there!


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