happy new year

well, i was looking back at last year's entry for about this time and i see that things worked out like i thought they might. 2011 felt like a much better year, overall, than 2010, though not necessarily for reasons i expected. the move to cedar park did a lot of things for me. first and foremost, it was a huge relief. the subconscious weight of always worrying about my sister's safety and whether or not my possessions would still be there when i got home was taking a heavy toll on me, as it turns out. it is nice to be free of that burden. it has also provided me with a lot of needed isolation. i haven't been as diligent sometimes about turning that isolation into time to make entries here, but that's the way it goes. there's an entirely different rhythm to my life since august and i am beginning to figure out the best way to fit everything into that. on the plus side, the blog was up and running for its first entire calendar year, averaging better than one post every other day, so i guess i was more diligent than i thought. i would still like to take more time to write about specific individual films, so expect more of that in the year to come, in addition to the ongoing queue de grĂ¢ce madness. another bright spot this year was our starlite cinema series. we took it all the way to the east coast this summer and here at home we have gotten it down to a science. it's always such a good time. also, i saw more films this year than in any year prior and made some incredible discoveries; some new filmmakers, some just new to me. all in all, a pretty good way to spend 365 days. thanks to all my friends for going to the movies with me, supporting my events, leaving me to my self-imposed exile when necessary and listening to me talk about movies an awful lot and thank you to everyone that comes here. whether you just read or contribute to the discussion, i am grateful that you visit and share.

good luck in 2012 and i hope to see you around. happy new year, gang.

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