cautiously optimistic

i read this interesting bit of news today.

i am looking forward to seeing what sort of programming they offer. here's hoping the experience is the exact opposite of what the gold class in the domain promises to be.

the phrases "boutique cafe cinema" and "enlightened bar food" fill me with trepidation but if they bring in films otherwise unavailable it could be worth braving that crowd.

on the plus side, i like the name. it was o. henry that first referred to austin as "the city of the violet crown" in 1894. in the nineteenth century some texans began to call austin "the athens of the south", in reference to the university. as athens, greece was the original "city of the violet crown", o. henry couldn't help but make this sly dig at these overly ambitious types. either way, it has a nice ring to it. i hope it works out.


  1. Sounds great. As the guy who started Magnolia Pictures, I have a bit of faith in the films shown. The food will be overpriced crap of course.

  2. I just have visions of entitled douche bags talking on their phones during the films. At least the Alamo maintains a populist veneer, in spite of their food prices. Catering to the concepts of luxury and exclusivity undermines the idea of cinema as a communal experience. If anything, it stands in polar opposition to my early experiences at the original two screen Dobie, The Varsity Theater and the Texas Union Theater. Those places were slightly dumpy, but they were cheap and I saw some of the best movies of my life there. I'll try the new place, but I have a feeling I probably won't like it.