let's all go to the lobby

hello, and welcome to the new blog. still hate that word, blog.

as some of you folks know, my friend bobby and i are working on putting together a film podcast series. the format/content of said podcast is going to be pretty specific so i thought i might give myself somewhere to put everything else. this is going to be the spot to discuss all the things that don't (and some that do) fit under the umbrella of our other endeavor. this will be the home for the rants, the new release information, quickly organized field trips to the alamo drafthouse and the paramount theater and any number of other things, most of which will have something to do with the movies.

there won't be a focus on a particular genre or time frame, though i do have my tendencies. when you drop in here just think of yourself as dickie in stymie's taxicab - we're freewheelin'.

feel free to leave comments/send emails. thanks.

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