a preview of coming attractions

starting in late may i am going to be curating/hosting a film series in conjunction with the fine folks of the annie street arts collective.

as an homage to one of the great (and, sadly, disappearing) american communal experiences - the drive-in theater - i'm calling this the starlite cinema series and it will focus on both the established classics and the criminally overlooked, the odd and the interesting, both foreign and domestic. this is all basically a fancy way of saying come sit in the backyard and watch movies with us. the programming will take on a life of its own, i am sure. i may go off on genre tangents now and again, there may be holiday themes (i guarantee this on halloween), you might see oscar winners, you might see something that by all rights should never have seen the light of day. i'll do my best to keep it varied and interesting. the general format will be a brief introduction to each film with notes on what makes the film significant, production details, things to look for that might enhance your enjoyment of the movie, et cetera followed by the screening.

the prospective date for our inaugural show is saturday, 5.22.10. i shall return shortly with the what, where and when. hope to see you there.


  1. Man yet another reason I wish I was in Austin.

    I'm lucky enough to live in a town with a Drive In. Its even built in front of a cemetery for added atmosphere. Criminally though they never play Horror films.

  2. no horror? not even on halloween? that's a drag. on the plus side, having a drive-in is awesome. if you're ever going to be in austin, let me know. we'll make the cinematic rounds.

  3. Definitely. I was there last December for BNAT. And I definitely want to go again this year. If not for BNAT then Fantastic Fest.