starlite cinema series opening night - sad sacks and bad luck dames

ok, here are the particulars: our series of outdoor film screenings begins on saturday, 5.22.10 at 9 p.m. and i am kicking off the series with a little film noir 101 class followed by edgar g. ulmer's detour (1945). it's going to be a grand time and i hope all interested parties can make it out. to read more about it here is the event page. if you're not facebook-savvy (or enabled) just email me and i will make sure you get the pertinent details.

and whatever you do, do not pick this tomato up if you see her on your way to the show.


  1. After i got all excited about coming to this, i remembered that i was invited to go see UHF at the Paramount with Weird Al in attendance. If it goes on late enough, I'll probably end up missing this, which is a damned shame. but I'll do my best.

  2. don't worry too much about it. there will be more to come.