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during the course of an average workday i see a lot of dvd cover art. when you see that many, patterns begin to emerge, threads start to develop. i am continually puzzled by one thing in particular - how can so much marketing budget be spent on such shoddy, lazy work? you know they have invested a great deal of time and money in figuring out just exactly what images are going to move the most units. by extension, these must be the images people truly respond to. in this recurring feature we're going to take a gander at just what it is the dvd buying public find most compelling.

today's installment - "i know. it's crazy, but what can you do?"

holy cats! can you even begin to imagine all the wacky situations these characters find themselves in? hijinks galore!

check out chris rock and how subtle he is. he doesn't even have to use his hands. deal with that, travolta, wilson and ruffalo, you clowns! (sorry, i owed chris rock one for this.)

this is just a tiny sampling, by the way. i've seen dozens and i suspect there are hundreds of variations on this tired theme. the bad news - someone out there thinks this is funny. the worse news - someone out there thinks that you think this is funny. in my opinion, someone needs to receive a strongly worded letter. if that doesn't work maybe we can enlist john travolta and a gorilla to kidnap the marketing department whiz kids that come up with these. i know. it's crazy, but what can you do? (cue sad trombone).

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