starlite cinema series

well, that was pretty fun. we just had our inaugural installment of the starlite cinema series with the help of our fine friends at the annie street arts collective.

we talked a little film noir, watched a couple of short subjects from the crime does not pay series, circa 1941 followed by edgar g. ulmer's detour (1945) out under the stars on what turned out to be a pretty fine central texas evening.

the world of film noir, especially detour, is kind of a bleak way to kick off a series but it seemed to go over very well. i think i was the only person in attendance who had seen it before so i am grateful to everyone who came for having faith in the notion that i would show them something worth their time. my friend mary's response was the best kind of compliment i could receive - a sincere thanks followed by "i probably would never have seen that if you hadn't shown it to us". that means an awful lot to me. a heartfelt thank you to everyone who came out.

our next installment - starlite cinema series: outside in - is slated for saturday, 6.26.10 at 9 p.m. i will be screening a pair of documentaries that focus on art taking place decidedly outside of the mainstream.

first up is off the charts: the song-poem story (2003). i am sure at one time or another you have all seen ads similar to these in the back of tabloids, comic books, et cetera. these are the pop music equivalent of who's who among american high school students. i cannot do justice to the artists whose submissions include now legendary titles like "do you know the difference between big wood and brush?" and "human breakdown of absurdity". instead, let me introduce you to caglar juan singletary.

i will be following that with monster road (2004), brett ingram's fascinating portrait of legendary underground animator bruce bickford. once a collaborator of frank zappa's, he has continually been laboring away for the last several decades building and rebuilding little universes in a sort of self-imposed commercial exile. here's a trailer so you can get an idea of what he does:

it's going to be a fine evening. come spend it with us if you get the chance.

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