vitagraph, american: auxiliary division

a facebook can be pretty handy.

as a result, i have started up a page for the blog over there. this is going to serve a few purposes.

one - it will make vitagraph a more social, interactive experience for everybody. make a new friend! make a new enemy! fall in love! argue about george lucas' plaid shirts!

two - that will be the home for little cinema-related tidbits that i wouldn't normally include here - news stories, informal polls, et cetera.

three - as that's where everyone is spending most of their virtual time it will make invitations to starlite cinema series screenings easier for vitagraph to distribute and anytime i am planning a paramount/alamo drafthouse run it will be much easier/faster for interested parties to participate there than here.

four - it will make it more available to people who don't know me personally and/or don't connect me with the blog. as it is now, you'll only get those updates if you are my friend or are friends with someone who occasionally shares my entries. with any luck, a more public option will equate to more participants.

five - perhaps most importantly, it will keep the frequent updates out of my personal newsfeed and only put them in front of people who have expressed an interest in taking part. don't want to bombard folks with material they couldn't care less about.

so, if you have a moment, go here, check it out and click that "like" button. and please feel free to pass the word along to folks that you think might be interested. thanks.

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