something old, something new

from out of left field comes the best title sequence i have seen in ages. david bullock's work on justice league: the new frontier (2008) is just lights out. those of you that know darwyn cooke's graphic novel will see just how adroitly bullock fits a lot of story and background into two minutes. for the unititiated, you can just marvel (DC, actually) at how amazing this looks. it is perfectly evocative of the atomic age, with its saul bass-inspired, chunky artwork and retro palette.

these still frames give you some idea but you really should see it in motion. check it out. in fact, spend some time at that site if you can. the fine folks at the art of the title sequence have assembled all sorts of li'l gems for your viewing pleasure.

and if you want to dig into the unparalleled work of the master of this style, you can visit a fantastic saul bass archive here. his iconic work is inextricably linked with otto preminger and alfred hitchcock. you may not know the name but i'll bet you've seen the art. top notch!

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