cover me

during the course of an average workday i see a lot of dvd cover art. when you see that many, patterns begin to emerge, threads start to develop. i am continually puzzled by one thing in particular - how can so much marketing budget be spent on such shoddy, lazy work? you know they have invested a great deal of time and money in figuring out just exactly what images are going to move the most units. by extension, these must be the images people truly respond to. in this recurring feature we're going to take a gander at just what it is the dvd buying public find most compelling.

today's installment - "who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? the shadow nose."

look at how duplicitous! who can you possibly trust?! it seems affleck, jackson and freeman have an iron grip on the silhouetted netherworld of the thrilling thriller. is there no one who can help us? is there no one that can throw off their shadowy yoke?

step aside, knaves, and let the queen assume her rightful place. ladies and gentlemen, ashley judd.

there are a lot of things you'll need to help you safely navigate situations fraught with peril and intrigue. it takes razor sharp wits, finely honed instincts and a little luck probably couldn't hurt. first and foremost, though, whatever you do, make sure they get your good side.


  1. I have seen every one of those movies and now I know it was because of the shadowy nose. Damn you, cover artists!

  2. When I worked at the video store in Stillwater, I was able to make a half Gene Hackman, half half Denzel head, setting two different movie covers side-by-side. If only there really could be a Genzel Hackington.