trailer tuesday

this week's entry is for one of the absolute essentials of world cinema - jean cocteau's la belle et la bête (1946).

surrealist poet paul éluard said to truly understand cocteau's rendition of beauty and the beast you must love your dog more than your car. i think he was 100 percent right. it is pure movie magic in the truest sense of the phrase. very few films transport me, but this one has never lost its power to do so. i hope it never does. i think it is a wonder.

you can read a little more about it and order a copy here. there are two options, in fact. if you don't care to have the commentary tracks and bonus features, criterion offers a stripped down version from its essential art house line that's half the price. this is one of a handful of must-own films, in my estimation. it has rewarded me over and over again. i hope it will do the same for you.

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