starlite cinema series

alright, our second installment of the starlite cinema series is in the books.

we took in the unhinged sincerity of off the charts: the song-poem story (2003) and the somewhat heartbreaking, therapeutic(?) cycle that is monster road (2004).

i just wanted to say thanks again to everyone for coming out. i know a couple of documentaries from off the beaten path aren't everyone's idea of a dream saturday night. i appreciate you coming and i appreciate your trust that i am going to show you something worthwhile. a special thanks, as always, to the annie street arts collective. i could not do this without them.

starlite is taking july off to tend to a lot of band business but we will back for your entertainment and edification sometime in the latter half of august. not sure yet what the program is going to be, but i am leaning towards something with a little international flair. i will keep you posted.

those of you that know me probably aren't surprised to know that i am also already working on the lineup for a mini-festival at the end of october just in time for halloween. keep an eye out for that.

one final note - i just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the kind and encouraging comments lately. sometimes i feel like i am just rambling on and on here, entertaining only myself. it is gratifying to know that you guys are out there, paying attention and that you enjoy it. i certainly appreciate it.

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